Question: What Is A Worthless Person Called?

What word can I use instead of important?

What is another word for important?crucialessentialkeynecessarysignificantpressingrequisiteindispensablecompellingneeded111 more rows.

What does it mean when a person is irrelevant?

Irrelevant means not related to the subject at hand. If a rock star becomes irrelevant, it means people are not relating––or even listening––to his music anymore. It isn’t part of what people are thinking or talking about. The opposite is relevant, meaning related.

What is a freeloader boyfriend?

A freeloader is a person who does not pay or contribute fairly. It is difficult to understand the true nature of a person in the first few meetings but of course, there are some distinct signs of a freeloader in a relationship.

How do you spell lounger?

Correct spelling for the English word “lounger” is [lˈa͡ʊnd͡ʒə], [lˈa‍ʊnd‍ʒə], [l_ˈaʊ_n_dʒ_ə] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

What is a synonym for no value?

Having no real value or significance; worthless, empty, idle, hollow, etc. Nothingness, nullity.

How do you spot a moocher?

9 Red Flags of a Moocher Smiling at you at a coffee shop. Swirling ice in a drink someone bought them at a bar. Cracking a joke at the dog park. Moochers don’t have to stand at intersections asking for money or hold up a sign telling a hard-luck story.

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What does lounger mean?

1 : one that lounges especially : idler. 2 : an article of clothing or furniture designed for comfort and leisure use.

What is the definition of freeloader?

intransitive verb. : to impose upon another’s generosity or hospitality without sharing in the cost or responsibility involved : sponge.

What means unimportant?

: lacking in importance : not important : minor, trivial unimportant details a relatively unimportant problem.

How do you identify a freeloader?

Another way to spot a freeloader is to see if they seem to have stopped helping themselves. Hobson said if they start acting like a victim and only feel as though other people can solve their problems, then they are freeloading.

What’s another word for deadbeat?

In this page you can discover 15 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for deadbeat, like: bum, freeloader, parasite, tramp, no-good, sponger, beggar, vagrant, defaulter, bad debtor and debtor.

What is an unimportant person called?

An insignificant person or thing. nonentity. nobody.

What has no value?

If something is of value, it is useful or important. If it is of no value, it has no usefulness or importance.

What is opposite of worthless?

worthless. Antonyms: costly, rich, rare, valuable, worthy, useful, honorable, estimable, excellent, noble, precious, admirable, virtuous. Synonyms: cheap, vile, valueless, useless, base, contemptible, despicable, reprobate, vicious.

How do you describe a useless person?

fruitless, worthless, stupid, impractical, inoperative, ineffectual, unworkable, meaningless, idle, ineffective, futile, unproductive, pointless, incompetent, hopeless, counterproductive, no good, abortive, bootless, disadvantageous.