Question: Who Is The Smartest Person In The NBA?

Who is the poorest NBA player?


Antoine Walker.

He was a successful player for the Celtics, Mavericks, Hawks, Timberwolves, Grizzlies and Heat, making around 100 million dollars over the course of his career.

Unfortunately, his money was spent on legal fees, his gambling debt and the fact that his wife spend most of his money..

Who is the poorest athlete?

10 Athletes Born Into Extreme PovertyMichael Oher.Pele. … Bibiano Fernandes. … Novak Djokovic. … Jose Aldo. … Knowshon Moreno. … Caron Butler. … Mike Tyson. Mike Tyson is regarded as one of the best boxers of all time and was one of the hardest hitters in combat sports history, but he also had one of the hardest childhoods in sports history as well. … More items…

What is Russell Westbrook’s IQ?

NBA IQ: 4.0/5.0 Despite these critiques, Westbrook is still effective with his basketball i.q. including his ability to grab multiple rebounds and find open guys on the floor.

How many hours does Kobe Bryant sleep?

around 4 hoursPolyphasic and biphasic sleepers break up their sleep into multiple sessions so that they can sleep less and still function normally. Kobe broke his sleep into two two-hour sessions, giving him a total of around 4 hours of sleep a night.

Who is the most educated NBA player?

All-Time Nerd Squad: The Most Educated NBA PlayersJeremy Lin (Harvard B.A. – Economics)Josh Huestis (Stanford B.A. – ?)Bill Bradley (Princeton B.A. – ?)Chris Dudley (Yale B.A. – Economics & Political Science)J.J. Redick (Duke B.A. – History)Shane Battier (Duke B.A. – Religion)Grant Hill (Duke B.A. – History & Political Science)

Who has the highest IQ in the NBA?

Chris PaulChris Paul. If you look up any highest IQ list they all have Chris Paul at #1 or in the top 2 or 3 for the last 10 years or so. Some people mention LeBron James but even he is topped by Chris Paul on these lists.

What was Zion Williamson GPA?

3.6 GPAZion Williamson has a 3.6 GPA from a non-target school but nailed a 740 on the GMAT. Zion was born in Salisbury, N.C., as the son of Lateef Williamson and Sharonda Sampson.

Was Kobe Bryant smart?

Many will argue Bryant’s intelligence when he’s reluctant to give up the ball, but it’s his knowledge of the game that allows him to thrive without passing. He’s extremely intelligent as a scorer and knows all the angles and logistics of scoring from just about anywhere within half-court.

Who is the smartest NBA player?

The Smartest NBA Players of All TimeChris Bosh. This underrated NBA champion is actually one of the brightest minds the game has ever seen. … Jaylen Brown. This is another instance of a highly touted prospect choosing an intellectual school over a basketball powerhouse. … David Robinson. … Bill Bradley. … Tim Duncan.Aug 6, 2019

Why did Jordan wear 23?

Jordan took up the number 23 jersey from an early age dating back to his time at Laney High School. His older brother Larry was already on the team with the number 45, so Jordan simply halved the number to reach 23 – with the help of a little rounding up.

Who has a 140 IQ?

An IQ score over 140 indicates that you’re a genius or nearly a genius, while 120 – 140 is classed as “very superior intelligence”. 110 – 119 is “superior intelligence”, while 90 – 109 is “normal or average intelligence”.

How much is Scottie Pippen worth?

Scottie Pippen is an American former NBA basketball player who played a total of 17 seasons in the NBA….Net Worth:$20 MillionAge:55Born:September 25, 1965Country of Origin:United States of AmericaSource of Wealth:Professional NBA Player1 more row•Jan 19, 2021

Are MJ and Pippen friends?

It’s great to hear that Pippen and Jordan are still good friends. Few teammates in the history of sports have accomplished as much as Pippen and Jordan did together. The two NBA icons won six championships in Chicago and helped form arguably the greatest team of all-time.

What is IQ of Bill Gates?

160 IQBill Gates is continuously standing number 1 as world billionaire in the world by Forbes magazine. His IQ Test score is 160 IQ, Bill Gates is a billionaire who always contribute to the world and do charity frequently.

Who has the highest IQ alive?

Christopher LanganChristopher LanganNationalityAmericanEducationReed College Montana State University–BozemanOccupationHorse rancherKnown forHigh IQ3 more rows

Does Shaq have a PHD?

Recently retired from the NBA, O’Neal finished his educational goal and received his doctorate in business along with 1,100 other students. It put O’Neal in an exclusive club of pro athletes with doctorates. He is not technically a Ph. D, but received his Ed.

Who has the lowest IQ in the NBA?

Well known low IQ players who are not stars but are well known: Javale McGee (in the past especially), Lance Stephenson, Michael Beasley, JR Smith (finals game 1 is just the tip of that iceberg) etc.

What is Michael Jordan IQ?

154Michael Jordan-IQ of 154.